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Customer Testimonials

"I have been receiving treatments from Vanessa for over a year and they have helped immensely with my mental/emotional well being. I am fortunate to not be dealing with physical pain and was not sure what to expect initially. Her five element theory approach to treatment of anxiety and destructive patterns has been a tremendous help. Through her training and keen intuition we have been able to improve clarity, breaking down and dissolving negative thought patterns. We have improved sleep and actually changed the thought process to enable a healthier, happier life. I would highly recommend Vanessa"

-Doug R

"Let me first say, I am a big chicken when it comes to needles ~ now that being said, the nurturing and gentle caring shown to me during my sessions have eased my fears tremendously.

I have found acupuncture to be very useful and helpful in my healthcare needs. Those carefully placed tiny needles bring such relief to digestion, hip pains, etc. They have brought balance and better health to me. I am grateful and look forward to using Acupuncture Morgantown at Bliss for my future healthcare needs."

-Sharon B

"Who knew that these magical needles could induce sleep and that I would hop off the table feeling exceptionally better than I did before? I have had treatments for chronic pain, strained ligaments, digestion, and emotional issues too. Each time I have a session I feel rejuvenated and can't wait to book the next one."

-Nadia P

"Vanessa has so many qualities that make her an excellent acupuncturist. She is perceptive, in both her physical exam and in conversation. Every treatment she has given me has been good—and by that I mean, I feel better afterward, sometimes drastically so. I remember two different emotional-level treatments that really, really affected my whole mind set. Vanessa is very easy to talk to. There is something about her that is warm and accepting that makes it very easy to trust her and helped me to talk to her about problems that I would not have told just anyone. Her outlook is positive and contagious. It seems like this should be obvious, but it bears mentioning: when Vanessa is treating me, I always feel like she is really putting me first. I remember one time, when I had been seeing her for about two months. I was complaining about a certain symptom, and she explained to me her treatment idea for addressing it, and asked me if I wanted that treatment. It struck me profoundly that she was giving me an informed choice instead of just enacting her idea.""

- Gabrielle C.

"I would like to give my most glowing, heartfelt recommendation for Vanessa.

This fiery young woman has a natural talent for listening without judgment, which is the fundamental foundation of a true healer. Vanessa has an empathy that I have never seen in any of my Western Medicine practitioners.

I cannot emphasize enough the positive difference this young woman has made in my mental, spiritual, and physical health. In the simplest terms, Vanessa has made me see the light when I was floundering in the darkness of winter. She has brought me back to the unbearable lightness of being, when I was fighting against the densest gravity. And grounded me again when the season changed. She helped me to keep my feet rooted to the earth, yet left my soul in the clouds so I could continue to create.

This, please understand, is not to discount the physical help Vanessa has provided this patient. I have herniated discs in my neck that have given me copious amounts of pain. Vanessa has always provided relief from my physical maladies, while also treating my total health.

The world needs more healers like Vanessa. I can be nothing by grateful for the care and respect she has given me, as I am sure she does each and every person who entrust his/her body and soul to her care."

- Rose

"I would give the highest recommendation to Vanessa. She is most proficient, intuitive and compassionate in her practice of acupuncture. You can have no doubt as far as her skills and knowledge of acupuncture. She has been an incredible help to me with my chronic health concerns. I’m very grateful to have met her."

- Chris

"I saw Vanessa recently for a number of months and received acupuncture treatments. I began acupuncture to help with fertility but as my relationship with Vanessa grew so did the scope of my treatment. She was very thorough in taking my history and was able to pinpoint problems while we talked. I found the treatments to be relaxing and Vanessa would always warn me ahead of time if a certain point might be tender. " 

-Sara P.

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